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EU regulations on EIA procedures (2)

The EIA procedure was introduced into the EU legal system in 1985. Under this procedure, major building or development projects in EU, must be evaluated for the impact they may have on the environment, both natural and on human health and life, before implementation begins.


The aim of the “EIA Programme” is to prepare Ukrainian professionals for independent training of professionals, as well as carrying out EIA procedures and drafting EIA documentation in accordance with the EU law and selected international conventions

Training on environmental impact assessment in the European Union

The aim of the training is to familiarise Ukrainians with the environmental impact assessment system functioning in the European Union. EIA is the fundamental tool for environmental protection in an investment process. An EIA procedure will be required when obtaining financing for the rebuilding of Ukraine from, for example, the EU, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, etc.

Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment in the European Union (1)

Supporting Ukraine in rebuilding the country’s power, transport and industrial infrastructure will require the utilisation of international financial institutions’ resources. The main requirement for receiving them is the use of environmental protection management instruments that protect natural resources, health and wellness of society as a whole and of individuals.

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