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Eko-Konsult Sp. z o.o. is a Polish technical and environmental consultancy firm based in Gdańsk, Poland, combining over 25 years of experience of the Eko-Konsult Sp. z o.o. team with the Technical Analyses Department and the training team of the ASE Safety Academy, thus guaranteeing a comprehensive service.


As regards technical consultancy, we take an individual approach to each project, hold interbranch consultations and we can boast vast experience in almost all branches of the industry. We specialize in selected engineering issues, e.g. biomass co-incineration, extension of inspection intervals, documents and analyses for pilot installations in chemical plants.


  • indywidualne podejście
  • konsultacje międzybranżowe
  • wieloletnie doświadczenie
  • we wszystkich branżach przemysłu


  • świat zmienia się w oszałamiających tempie
  • nie pozostajemy biernymi uczestnikami transformacji
  • decydujemy
  • jesteśmy liderem zmian


  • troska o klimat i środowisko nadają kierunek naszym celon biznesowym

Environmental protection consultancy includes: preparation and handling of investment processes, documentation for the purpose of environmental impact assessment procedures, including Natura 2000 areas. Support in obtaining environmental decisions and administrative permits, supervision, consultancy, public consultations in the process of industrial and infrastructural investments preparations, as well as operation of industrial plants and technical infrastructure.

We specialise in: storage depots (construction of new ones, expansion and modernisation of existing ones) and oil, oil products and natural gas pipelines, electrical power engineering, port terminals and waterways, other onshore and offshore investments.

What is more, selected issues concerning, above all, support for entities as regards planned changes to energy prices through electric energy quality and efficiency tests, operation of waste yards as regards fire protection reports and environmental decisions, measurement and control of emissions to air and noise, etc.

EKO-KONSULT Spółka z o.o.

ul. Narwicka 6, 80-557 Gdańsk

+ 48 58 554 31 38 (39)

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Branch in Krakow:

32- 085 Modlnica,
ul. Częstochowska 48

+48 669 890 009

+48 58 520 77 53
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