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Our team of experts guarantees top-quality analytical work in accordance with current formal requirements, know-how and good engineering practice. We take an individual approach to each issue, focusing on the actual needs of our clients. We support risk analysis and assessment processes, as well as investment tasks at each stage of a technical plant life cycle.

Hydrogen technologies

Hydrogen technologies

Due to the specific properties of hydrogen, advanced process parameters, and legal requirements, many different analyzes are necessary to obtain the legal safety approval of hydrogen projects. Based on the experience gained in the hydrogen installations sector, Eko-Konsult offers a number of specialized services dedicated to investors, design offices and general contractors. Our offer includes:


  • Feasibility studies of hydrogen installations
  • Determining the safe distance of hydrogen installations from buildings, public roads, etc. (e.g. QRA risk analyzes)
  • Environmental reports and project information sheets
  • Establishing process protections and interlocking functions (HAZOP and SIL analyzes)
  • Determination of the safe location of hydrogen blasts (analyzes of dispersion and thermal impact ranges)
  • Classifications of explosion hazard zones and explosion risk analyzes
  • Determining the conditions of fire protection
  • Development of documentation for plants with an increased and high risk of a major industrial accident (Seveso III Directive)

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The hydrogen transformation cannot take place without qualified staff, therefore, as part of the Hydrogen Academy, we conduct numerous training courses related to this subject, for example:

  • Safety rules on hydrogen installations
  • Fire and explosion safety at the design stage of hydrogen installations
  • Process safety in hydrogen installations
  • Hydrogen detection systems

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our upcoming trainings.

    Environmental consultancy

    Environmental consultancy

    We facilitate successful application for decisions, permits and administrative consents as regards environmental protection for manufacturing plants and other investors


    • Planned investments impact reports
    • Environmental impact forecasts
    • Integrated permits
    • Public consultations
    • Environmental consultancy
    • Environmental reports in accordance with the standards of international financial institutions
    • Environmental audits and reviews
    • Post-completion analyses
    • Adjustment programmes
    Process safety

    Process safety

    Hazard and risk analyses


    • Audits
    • Safety Review (SR)
    • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)
    • Hazard And Operability Study (HAZOP)
    • Layer Of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
    • What-if
    • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
    • Event Tree Analysis (ETA)
    • Failure Modes And Effects Analysis (FMECA)
    • Cause-consequence Analysis (CCA)
    Explosion Safety

    Explosion Safety

    Explosion Protection


    • Preliminary ATEX Audits
    • Hazardous Areas Classification
    • Gas And Dust Explosion Risk Assessment
    • Customer-specific Analysis And Reports
    • Verification And Certification For Ex Installation  (Mechanical And Electrical Equipment)
    • Equipment And Systems Delivery
    • Explosion Protection Document
    Fire Safety

    Fire Safety

    Industrial safety


    • Fire safety analysis
    • Development of fire scenarios
    • Definition of fire protection conditions
    • Project coordination in the scope of fire safety
    • Preparation of fire safety instructions


    Plant major accident prevention system


    • Calculations of qualification to lower- and upper-tier sites
    • Notification to the competent authority
    • Increased and high risk plant qualification and reporting procedures
    • Major-accident prevention policy (MAPP)
    • Preparation of a failure prevention program
    • Safety management system
    • Preparation of internal emergency plans
    • Guidelines for development of external emergency plans


      Functional Safety Management


      • Audits
      • Sil Determination
      • Safety Requirements Specification
      • Sif Conceptual And Detailed Design
      • Sil Verification
      • Installation and Commissioning
      • Operation and Maintenance
        Safety Academy

        Safety Academy

        Specialised Training System


        • Explosion safety
        • Process safety
        • Functional safety
        • Fire safety
        • Environmental protection


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