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EKO-KONSULT - 30 years of trendsetting in technical and environmental consulting

Longstanding pioneer in environmental consultancy

EKO-KONSULT was established 30 years ago, quickly becoming a pioneer in environmental consultancy. Through its publications, multiple articles and trainings, EKO-KONSULT has been shaping the awareness of consulting companies in terms of the law, procedures and methods of environmental assessment. From the start of its operation, EKO-KONSULT has delivered almost 700 reports, over 300 environmental opinions and approx. 200 industry articles.


Eko-Konsult and ASE Technology Group - modern solutions for industrial safety

Process, explosion protection, fire safety, functional safety and environment industries

In 2017 EKO-KONSULT joined the ASE Technological Group. For many years the Group has been promoting effective and state-of-the-art solutions increasing industrial safety. In 2019 the environmental team merged with ASE’s Technical Analyses Department that was involved in complex technical safety projects. Since then EKO-KONSULT has been operating within five industries: process, explosion protection, fire safety, functional safety and environment, as well as trainings in those industries.


Technical conferences and scientific cooperation

As part of the ASE Technological Group, EKO-KONSULT organises technical conferences and cooperates with Gdańsk University of Technology and Central School of Fire Service, as well as research and development centres. In addiction to transferring industry knowledge to field specialists, it inspires students with guest lectures.


Eko-Konsult’s activity - projects and realizations in the field of technical and environmental safety

The company’s experts have been involved in projects, such as:

  • the construction of the offshore gas pipeline for LOTOS Petrobaltic and documentation related with the safety of the “Baltic Beta” platform,
  • comprehensive HAZOP and SIL analyses for Grupa LOTOS, PKN Orlen and ANWIL SA,
  • explosion protection analyses for the manufacturing plants of IKEA, TOYOTA, MONDI,
  • fire safety analyses for the “Polimery Police” investment and
  • trainings for PGE Energia, PGNiG and many more.

EKO-KONSULT currently provides technical safety services and is involved in environmental procedures for projects related with “green energy”, for example when infrastructure for hydrogen transport is being designed or in projects related with the construction of power connections for offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

– We see the future in new technologies and in projects related with the energy transformation – says Rafał Frączek, the CEO of EKO-KONSULT. – We can be involved in various stages of such projects, of course in the broadest sense. Most of all, we focus on the initial stages of investments. We aim at selecting proper solutions and technologies, developing technical concepts and drawing up a feasibility studies.

The latest EKO-KONSULT projects include an impact assessment for offshore wind farms, obtaining a positive decision for PERN for the Płock-Gdańsk pipeline, environmental decisions and reports for oil tanks for Port Północny or technical concepts related with the use of hydrogen in public transport.


EKO-KONSULT - 30 years of trendsetting


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