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Can You give up the Fire Safety of Your Energy Storage System?

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The implementation of photovoltaic installation with an energy storage system has been progressing. The works, provided by Elmech - ASE, covered multiple formal, design, and safety matters. Further arrangements regarding fire protection of the energy storage are underway with EKO-KONSULT and ASE experts.


What are the fire safety issues?

The safety of energy storage systems is a complex issue that requires special recognition and analysis. And when it comes to safety, we know better than anyone, that it cannot be taken lightly.

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In the event of a failure, the PV system that produces energy must be quickly shut down for the voltage to drop. But the batteries, which will store this energy from photovoltaics, are a separate, tricky issue. The voltage is “locked” inside, so in case of any emergence involving fire, it makes it more difficult to react.

Extreme conditions

In fact, in case of fire of the installation, we would deal with the metal fire. In such case the temperatures reach 2200 Celsius degrees, which is the temperature of thermal decomposition of water into hydrogen, so extinguishing burning metal with water could lead to an explosion!


How to extinguish a metal fire than? We will not be able to lower the temperature, but we will suppress the access of oxygen to this installation by giving inert gas.


Another safety issue concerns operating batteries that increase the heat. The ventilation and air conditioning will be operating in the containers with high intensity but in the case of its failure or failure of the photovoltaic power supply that powers the cooling systems, the temperatures will increase rapidly causing overheating and finally - fire. 



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Sustainability vs safety

Although the project supports sustainability and complies with the European green policy, we must not underestimate the potential risks that the exploitation of the installation carries.

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Thus, the Elmech Battery System uses the most efficient cells on the market. The battery module has a bi-directional active correction, Battery Management System (BMS), and electrical protection, and the screen allows to monitor the status of both the entire system and individual cells.

High mechanical strength of the module and easy installation of individual components ensure the highest reliability and safety of use.


Other works

In parallel, during last month Elmech covered several key formal and design issues. They ensured the notification of the works to the Gdańsk City Hall, they also adapted the energy storage housing (container) and the active filter XINUS to the needs of the design. Moreover, a design of cable networks connecting PV installations, energy storage, and the building had to be obtained.

Author: Anna Wojnarowska